Maxim Heavy Duty Embossed Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves - Large

  • Lot No. : 1014


  • 100 Per Pack

UCi MAXIM black nitrile 'fish scale' embossed grip pattern 

Premium quality black NBR nitrile glove offering excellent protection against dilute chemicals and oils. 
The 4ml thickness ensures durability whilst maintaining dexterity with textured fingertips for enhanced grip. 
Quality assured with an AQL of 1.5 and certified complex design EN374 and EN455 approved. 
Suitable for food use 
General handling of dilute chemicals, mechanics, engineering and automotive assembly. 
Janitorial, laboratory work, food use.
Conforms to EN 455 Parts 1,2,3
Material: Nitrile
EN 374-2:2003: Pass, AQL 1.5 at inspection level G1 (Level 2)
EN 374-3:2003: Excluding Clause 5.3.2 (>= Level 2 with three reagents from Annex A of EN374-1:2003)
Thickness: Nominal thickness at palm 0.102 mm (4 mil)
Powder: Powder Free
Other: Non-Sterile
AQL of 1.5 and certified complex design CAT III , EN 374 and EN 455 approved.


PACKAGING: Per Box: 100 pieces